Life Update

Oh look somebody is back!

I have been busy a lot these days with exams, preparing for them and a lot of emotional drama.

Update #1 Remember I applied for re-verification? Yeah. My English marks increased by 5 freaking marks. I have gone through my paper and apparently the person who corrected doesn’t know idioms.

Update #2 I have written 3 entrance exams, they didn’t go well and I absolutely don’t give a damn because I know what I have been preparing for the past year.

Update #3 I DID IT! I got acceptance from one of  the foreign universities that I applied to. I started sobbing so badly. I felt so proud of myself. Everything, absolutely everything I did on my own. Well of course the money came from my parents but I went around sending documents, finding out everything about the universities.

Update #4 I won’t be going to that University. I hate my life it is filled with countless tragedies. My parents are fucking poor to afford the fee. It was money. At the end it was money that ended my dreams. How I wish money never existed.

Update #5 My parents don’t understand. They want me to study bachelors here and go abroad for masters. They don’t understand that it not as easy as a pie to become an astronomer. The past century the field has grown so much, with high competition. I don’t think the research opportunities here in my country are that good,especially for astronomy. I have studied here for 14 years and I am really not very happy with the kind of education system here.

Update #6 My parents have decided that they will get me a paid seat. I will die but I will not accept that paid seat. What is the use of having something you haven’t worked hard for? You will never ever value it. I will take a gap year and prepare for these entrance exams again.

It’s all my fault. To dream of becoming something that was never affordable for me in the first place.


PS: I know I was being a brat complaining about my parents. It’s not their fault. I am thankful that they at least gave me the opportunity to explore.


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I am a very productive, pizza addicted future hokage, a demigod still in search for my godly parent with an undying love for the cosmos.

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