So my results were announced recently and they were okay. I expected that I would get 90% for sure but just like every other time that was not the case, I ended up getting 88%. I know not much difference; my scores are already in the competitive range in the universities I applied. But with 90% my chances of getting admitted into the universities would increase, you know the competition these days.

The one thing that I am unable to digest are my fucking english marks. How the hell did I end up getting 81 marks when I was damn sure that I would get nothing less than 94? My guess is that they have entered marks of the person before me because even they got 81 and since the marks are released online there is a high possibility of an error occurring. Whatever the case I have applied for reverification for both math and english. From what I heard, very rarely your marks are increased during reverification and if you are lucky enough then your marks are increased by 3-4. How unfair is that? They won’t do the correction properly, and then you have to pay fee so that those lousy people will check your paper again.

Well chill Rav. It’s okay you know how well you did. That is more than enough.

I am sorry, but no, the harsh reality is that the universities have no freaking idea as to how well I did. They are going judge me based on my stupid marks.



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I am a very productive, pizza addicted future hokage, a demigod still in search for my godly parent with an undying love for the cosmos.

12 thoughts on “Results”

  1. First of all congratulations on your pass and above 80 is all amaze-ballz!

    I totally understand how frustrated you are and how someone’s lazy ass mentality and the inability to do their job well can mess up someone’s whole university entrance!

    But like you’ve concluded let’s chill and expect the reverification gets us lucky!

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  2. I hear you on many fronts. I managed to an EPIC fail off my last test of the semester. I studied as well as I could have, based most of it off the review we were given. Guess what? Damn near none of the items reviewed was on the exam! Why then even give us things to review, expect us to know that everything NOT related to that will be tested… I was holding an 81% and now I just hope to get by with a passing mark. 😦

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