So my results were announced recently and they were okay. I expected that I would get 90% for sure but just like every other time that was not the case, I ended up getting 88%. I know not much difference; my scores are already in the competitive range in the universities I applied. But with 90% my chances of getting admitted into the universities would increase, you know the competition these days.

The one thing that I am unable to digest are my fucking english marks. How the hell did I end up getting 81 marks when I was damn sure that I would get nothing less than 94? My guess is that they have entered marks of the person before me because even they got 81 and since the marks are released online there is a high possibility of an error occurring. Whatever the case I have applied for reverification for both math and english. From what I heard, very rarely your marks are increased during reverification and if you are lucky enough then your marks are increased by 3-4. How unfair is that? They won’t do the correction properly, and then you have to pay fee so that those lousy people will check your paper again.

Well chill Rav. It’s okay you know how well you did. That is more than enough.

I am sorry, but no, the harsh reality is that the universities have no freaking idea as to how well I did. They are going judge me based on my stupid marks.



One night I was wondering how my life has changed this past year. Suicidal thoughts, depression, panic attacks.  It was I who dragged me in this dark bottomless pit of gloom.  But am I capable of so much power? Yes I am. Then it dawned upon me that if I have the potential of dragging myself down then I also have the potential of lifting myself to the heights I never imagined I could reach. And after that beautiful thought my life completely transformed. It was all sunshine and rainbows or this is what I thought it would be but something was missing.

Here’s the thing, after thought comes Action. BAM!! It is all starting to make sense now. ACTION, that is what is missing in my life. I have gigantic aspirations. I think of becoming an Astronomer. I think of changing this world. I think of doing something. I think of changing myself. I think I think and think. The flaw here is I am stuck in the first step of success. I am unable to take action and make my dreams come true.

I am trying to remember all the times I stood victorious in the face of difficulty. I gave it my best then, no matter what. There was an action after a thought. Now I am trying to remember all the times I failed (Well, this is easy. I need not try to remember). I haven’t given my 100% and so the result – I was unsuccessful.

Why was I unable to give my best?

  1. I had this misconception that, that particular thing was very easy to achieve when it was not.
  2. I thought I had forever.
  3. I thought I would be given another opportunity.
  4. I thought I had extraordinary luck when I knew it sucks.

All these thoughts and misconceptions caused the inability to act effectively.

For some reason I think it is plain sailing to navigate through the labyrinth called Life. I think that life is predictable. I think it is forever. This is my mistake. In reality, life is unpredictable and it is definitely not easy, with each passing second I am losing the opportunity I have in my hand, with each passing second I am coming closer to my death. I must take action before it is too late. Compared to the Universe I am just an instant in the flow of time but I want to make this instant meaningful, purposeful and worth remembering by taking ACTION.

This blog post is the action that succeeded the thought I had that night. I have addressed my flaw- my inability to act- and now I am going to eradicate this flaw of mine once and for all. Is this easy? No, but I will stand my ground because no matter what the odds I am going to make my dreams a reality.

action again


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The Blue Sky Tag

I was tagged by the very wonderful Moon. And do make sure that you go and check out her blog because her deep posts are worth reading. So here we go.


  1. Thank the person (people) who nominated you.
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Moon: How many keys are on your key ring?

Rav: 0 – I don’t have keys.

Do you wake up early and go to bed early, go to bed late and wake up late, go to bed late and wake up early or go to bed early and wake up late? :’D

Go to bed early and wake up early – when I have important/urgent tasks.

Go to bed early and wake up late – when I am being a sloth and have got nothing to do because the deadline is not near yet.

Have you ever won a trophy?

Yes! I did but wish I won more.

What’s your favorite name and its meaning?

Raven – it is a bird but don’t know what the name means. I first heard the name in Teen Titans and ever since then I love that name.

Are you still in contact with your first best friend?

Yes! We are still in touch! Are we still best friends? Nope.

Tell me your favorite color aside from blue! 😀

PURPLE all the way!

Do whales sneeze?

Sneeze: make a sudden involuntary expulsion of air from the nose and mouth due to irritation of one’s nostrils.

Whales can control their breathing unlike Homo sapiens. If they want to remove the debris from their lungs they breathe air out of their blow hole. The spray or mists that shows up is called spout. Since sneeze means a sudden involuntary action, the key word here being involuntary whales don’t sneeze because they voluntarily exhale out of their blow hole.

(I actually did some research on this XD)

Grab a book, open it at page 23 and write down whatever you see on line 23. If there’s a picture or something else instead of a text go to the next page and copy the text from line 24.

‘It’s this: that at a certain point in our lives, we lose control of what’s happening to us, and our lives become controlled by fate. That’s the world’s greatest lie.’

What color are the walls of the room your are in?


What’s under your bed?

Wait let me see. Nothing, darn it! I was expecting somebody would be there staring back at me with a creepy smile.

Do you have a tattoo? If yes, describe it. If no – well, would you want a tattoo?

No I don’t have a tattoo. But hell yeah I do want one.

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1) What are you obsessed with right now?

2) What do you think is inside a black hole?

3) Which mythological creature would you bring to life, if given a chance?

4) Do you believe that aliens have come to earth in the past?

5) Which anime would you recommend and why? (ie if you watch)

6) A book/book series you feel that you should have written instead of that particular author?

7) What does your blog mean to you ?

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10) One unique thing about you.

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The Handwriting Tag

My first tag! Thank you ASH for tagging me. You should totally check out her blog, I think she writes amazingly.

So let’s get started with the Tag

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the handwriting tag


2)Inside A Black Hole

3)COSMOS = the universe seen as a well-ordered whole.

  • 4)-Life is precious because it ends.
  •   -If you don’t like your destiny then don’t accept it. Instead have the courage to change it the way you want it to be.

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thoughts in life



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