Is My Blog Dying?

Recently I have started noticing how the views of my blog have been dropping drastically. Let me share the stats with you:

  • Number of views in January -366
  • Number of views in February-204
  • Number of views in March-62
  • Average views per day in January-12
  • Average views per day in February-7
  • Average views per day in March-2

What could be the reason for the fall in my views?

A big blunder that I did with my blog was that I made it private for more than a week (Thank gods, I was actually going to delete it but I didn’t.) because I was bored with it and wanted to make a new blog. This is the first reason.

The second reason being my long absence from blogging for a month since I had exams going on.

The third reason I guess is that I have been very active in the month of January. No, not by posting but by following blogs and liking posts. Now I am very inactive. Basically this makes other bloggers unaware of my presence and this ultimately resulting in them being oblivious of my blog.

The fourth reason is again a guess. I suppose that you readers find my content not very interesting. But then again, in January I don’t think that what I posted had great content so the fourth reason being true is tenuous.

I have noticed the drop in the views before but today I felt bad. I thought my blog was dying. Then I questioned myself ‘can my blog really die just because it is getting less views?’ No definitely not. I pointed out to myself that I started this blog for myself, not for the views.

And also, readers surely are an integral part of blogging because there are the ones who give you the much needed strength to continue blogging. But a blogger alone has that unrivalled power to kill their blog. No matter what the views, at the end of the day, it’s all in the hands of the blogger whether to continue blogging or not.

So is my blog dying?

No, absolutely not. I don’t plan on killing my blog anytime soon.



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I am a very productive, pizza addicted future hokage, a demigod still in search for my godly parent with an undying love for the cosmos.

30 thoughts on “Is My Blog Dying?”

  1. All i can say is keep blogging. I always encourage people to blog no matter what they have to share. Firstly. Secondly, i feel that when we are blogging we are transforming into someone new and i feel we can escape from all the superficial society. So, please, if you do have something to share, do it naturally, not thinking about increasing views or followers, but about helping, improving and inspiring. Be original, be you, be the change and hope dream wait.

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    1. Thank You for the wonderful comment. You are right blogging is surely a way to escape from the superficial society because you get to be you. Even I feel blogging for views is wrong but today for some reason I felt that they were important and that the lesser the views meant the more my blog is dying. But I did have a realization moment.Thank you once again for the support

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  2. It’s wonderful that you wrote until you came to the conclusion that your words matter…your blog matters….you matter….whether any on else is validating your efforts or not…you are brave and bright and insightful and I love this post….thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

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  3. I’ve read a post of yours when I started following you. Guess it was favorites quotes from something, and I loved it! Now after seeing this post, I read other posts that you posted recently and even they’re interesting to read. I’m glad you realized by the end of the post that the views don’t matter but the content do. Views are just by products of writing great content and keeping in touch with other bloggers. Hope to see you posting more good content. Best wishes, Rav! ✌️🏻

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  4. Honestly I didn’t even know I was following you…that’s how quiet you’ve been! I saw this and thought “oh, I wonder if I’ve ever seen a post from her before.” So I stopped by. Kinda like chaos said in the comment earlier…when you disappear, or don’t comment, people don’t realize you’re still around.
    However, I have faith you could turn it around so I’m rooting for you!! If things have calmed down, just say hello on some blogs you follow! That’s what I do! I had crazy exams in December bc I graduated from college…but when it was done, I came back and made some small comments here or there…I’m now at 2K followers. So I am rooting for you!! 😊😊😊

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  5. Well, I think you figured it out pretty much by yourself – aside from number 4, I doubt that your content is bad simply by looking at your cool design! I’m glad you didn’t delete the blog^^ Will lurk around to see what you got over here. But you’re right, it’s really a key point to be active with following and commenting/liking stuff on here in order to be seen. WordPress is like a better facebook I guess πŸ˜€ Cheers and happy blogging!

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  6. IT IS NOT DYING! It’s doing the opposite in fact. Views don’t matter – what DOES is that you’re a good person which you are. You care about your readers; you follow blogs; you comment and reply to comments. People remember who you are ❀

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  7. I can relate to this post because I think this happens with all of us.When we start with blogging we are initially super excited and very active.However as time passes and we get busy in other important commitments,posting becomes rare which turns are blog oblivious.
    However never be concerned about the likes because many a times people do it without even going through the content.So if you see it really holds no significance.Anytime the blog can be brought to life as you follow back others,so don’t worry about that.To be frank world is very strange and now all has become give and take.
    All that matters is your content and that you also know by know.Since you write so well,so never give up or change the blog,it is great here.

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