Death Note

I have heard how great the anime is and after it being on my anime-to-watch list for few months I managed to find some free time to watch it.

I completed watching 15 episodes already because it is riveting.


What happens when Light Yagami, a 17 year old high school student, stumbles upon a notebook called Death Note? In the instructions of Death Note it is stated that the person whose name is written in the book shall die. When Light finds out about the book’s devastating powers he decides to bring justice to the world. But his idea of justice contradicts that of L, the best detective in the world. Now it is a battle of wits to stop each other. And the question that remains is ‘will justice prevail in the end?’


light r

Light Yagami is that typical anime character who is intelligent, good looking, talented,considers himself superior and most girls in the show worship him but he doesn’t seem to care about it. This is the type of character that annoys me. I can’t stand them at all. At first I thought Light was bearable and then his over confidence and superiority come into play making him, for me, unbearable. But he is intelligent, I will surely give that to him; at some points in the show I was like ‘Dang It! That was very clever for a 17 year old.’


l l

L is brainy. VERY VERY BRAINY. He is weird, cool, shabby looking, has insomnia,always sits in a weird way and only eats sweet food. His quirky attitude makes me like him more and makes him stand out. When he first challenged Light by pulling that television stunt I was beyond impressed with his intelligence. From that point on I have huge admiration for L.



Misa Amane devotee of Light Yagami. Again a stereotypical character. Her world revolves around Light. I think she was in only 3 episodes in those 15 episodes I watched but I despise her. I find her absolutely stupid.

Major Flaws In Death Note

This is the one major problem that I have with most anime. No proper representation of women. They don’t have a strong character.

But I am yet to watch 22 episodes more so I hope that the magnitude of the flaw is somehow lessened.

It is truly a great anime. If you haven’t watched it yet you should definitely watch it. It is only a 37 episodes long anime.

I have so much to share but the length of this post will increase (a lot).



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