Dear Wen

Dear Wen,

You don’t have to be like me so that we can be best friends. It’s okay when the frequencies of our thinking don’t match; it’s okay if you like love stories; it’s okay to like a fictional character whom I hate; it’s okay if you like being girly and most importantly it’s okay to have your own opinion.

Past few months I have started to notice how you are slowly becoming me. It feels like I am loosing my identity. I can see how my opinions are becoming yours. My likes are becoming yours. My shared thoughts with you are becoming your thoughts. It has come to a point where I don’t want to share anything with you.

I can see you trying way too hard to make our frequencies match. In a split second you change your opinion just because I don’t have the same opinion as you. Please stop doing that. And no, it’s not a competition to be my best friend.

The thing is I like the kind of person you are, just be yourself. PLEASE.



I have no idea if I should send this to her or not. The one time I tried telling her that she should not change her opinions for somebody else she went into complete denial mode saying that she was always like that and never changes for anyone. But it is way too obvious that she tries to change herself for others. I want to let her know but I dunno how to convey it to her.



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I am a very productive, pizza addicted future hokage, a demigod still in search for my godly parent with an undying love for the cosmos.

16 thoughts on “Dear Wen”

  1. Okay, I’d normally think if you’re best friends, tell her and talk it out, she’ll understand. But then again I don’t know how she might react – you know people don’t copy other people like this normally, there must be a reason she’s doing that to such an extent O.o

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    1. Yeah..Like I said I tried talking to her but she took it in a very wrong way..we almost fought that I really doubt if talking to her directly works out.

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          1. I certainly don’t know what you’re planning to do about it but if she doesn’t (or doesn’t want to) understand and it’s not working out well for you – then you eventually will have to walk separate ways

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              1. oh okay, it’s not very surprising though. I wouldn’t struggle to keep someone in my life especially if they make me feel uncomfortable. If a mutual understanding can not be achieved then there is no point in trying hard to keep the friendship alive. In any case: I wish you all the best and hopefully you’ll find a friend who’ll fully understand you! (If you haven’t already)

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  2. I really think you should mention it. No way should she change her opinions to fit yours: she’s her own person. She’s not a copy of you and even if she doesn’t realise that, she’s becoming that 😦

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    1. I have tried to contact her and discuss things but seems like she is steering clear from me so I just let it be… no point in trying when the other person has decided to stay away..

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  3. Dear Rav, firstly your a gentle heart as you love your best friend the way she is, and its very sweet! A strong relationship doesn’t depend how many compatibilities you have but how you deal with incompatiblities. ♥
    I wish you solve this issue soon and Wen too will understand at some point, afterall your besties! :)xx

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  4. It has been some time since you made this post,so what about now,are the things sorted or was it a sad parting?
    Anyways I know how it feels,initially I felt good when I came across such a friend for I thought it was compatibilty but later on realized that being same on each and every point can merely not be a co-incidence and yes so that is when things started becoming obnoxious.There was also pity from my side for him but
    then had to part ways sadly.

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    1. Oh gods! that’s exactly how I feel. I have been talking to her recently but I never talked about this. I think we are becoming more distant. The sad part is I can see no effort coming from her end.

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