Is My Blog Dying?

Recently I have started noticing how the views of my blog have been dropping drastically. Let me share the stats with you:

  • Number of views in January -366
  • Number of views in February-204
  • Number of views in March-62
  • Average views per day in January-12
  • Average views per day in February-7
  • Average views per day in March-2

What could be the reason for the fall in my views?

A big blunder that I did with my blog was that I made it private for more than a week (Thank gods, I was actually going to delete it but I didn’t.) because I was bored with it and wanted to make a new blog. This is the first reason.

The second reason being my long absence from blogging for a month since I had exams going on.

The third reason I guess is that I have been very active in the month of January. No, not by posting but by following blogs and liking posts. Now I am very inactive. Basically this makes other bloggers unaware of my presence and this ultimately resulting in them being oblivious of my blog.

The fourth reason is again a guess. I suppose that you readers find my content not very interesting. But then again, in January I don’t think that what I posted had great content so the fourth reason being true is tenuous.

I have noticed the drop in the views before but today I felt bad. I thought my blog was dying. Then I questioned myself ‘can my blog really die just because it is getting less views?’ No definitely not. I pointed out to myself that I started this blog for myself, not for the views.

And also, readers surely are an integral part of blogging because there are the ones who give you the much needed strength to continue blogging. But a blogger alone has that unrivalled power to kill their blog. No matter what the views, at the end of the day, it’s all in the hands of the blogger whether to continue blogging or not.

So is my blog dying?

No, absolutely not. I don’t plan on killing my blog anytime soon.


Death Note

I have heard how great the anime is and after it being on my anime-to-watch list for few months I managed to find some free time to watch it.

I completed watching 15 episodes already because it is riveting.


What happens when Light Yagami, a 17 year old high school student, stumbles upon a notebook called Death Note? In the instructions of Death Note it is stated that the person whose name is written in the book shall die. When Light finds out about the book’s devastating powers he decides to bring justice to the world. But his idea of justice contradicts that of L, the best detective in the world. Now it is a battle of wits to stop each other. And the question that remains is ‘will justice prevail in the end?’


light r

Light Yagami is that typical anime character who is intelligent, good looking, talented,considers himself superior and most girls in the show worship him but he doesn’t seem to care about it. This is the type of character that annoys me. I can’t stand them at all. At first I thought Light was bearable and then his over confidence and superiority come into play making him, for me, unbearable. But he is intelligent, I will surely give that to him; at some points in the show I was like ‘Dang It! That was very clever for a 17 year old.’


l l

L is brainy. VERY VERY BRAINY. He is weird, cool, shabby looking, has insomnia,always sits in a weird way and only eats sweet food. His quirky attitude makes me like him more and makes him stand out. When he first challenged Light by pulling that television stunt I was beyond impressed with his intelligence. From that point on I have huge admiration for L.



Misa Amane devotee of Light Yagami. Again a stereotypical character. Her world revolves around Light. I think she was in only 3 episodes in those 15 episodes I watched but I despise her. I find her absolutely stupid.

Major Flaws In Death Note

This is the one major problem that I have with most anime. No proper representation of women. They don’t have a strong character.

But I am yet to watch 22 episodes more so I hope that the magnitude of the flaw is somehow lessened.

It is truly a great anime. If you haven’t watched it yet you should definitely watch it. It is only a 37 episodes long anime.

I have so much to share but the length of this post will increase (a lot).


Dear Wen

Dear Wen,

You don’t have to be like me so that we can be best friends. It’s okay when the frequencies of our thinking don’t match; it’s okay if you like love stories; it’s okay to like a fictional character whom I hate; it’s okay if you like being girly and most importantly it’s okay to have your own opinion.

Past few months I have started to notice how you are slowly becoming me. It feels like I am loosing my identity. I can see how my opinions are becoming yours. My likes are becoming yours. My shared thoughts with you are becoming your thoughts. It has come to a point where I don’t want to share anything with you.

I can see you trying way too hard to make our frequencies match. In a split second you change your opinion just because I don’t have the same opinion as you. Please stop doing that. And no, it’s not a competition to be my best friend.

The thing is I like the kind of person you are, just be yourself. PLEASE.



I have no idea if I should send this to her or not. The one time I tried telling her that she should not change her opinions for somebody else she went into complete denial mode saying that she was always like that and never changes for anyone. But it is way too obvious that she tries to change herself for others. I want to let her know but I dunno how to convey it to her.


Exams, Exams and more EXAMS..*sigh*

Today is supposed to be the last final exam, but my math exam is postponed to 19th. It is good that it got postponed though.

So how did my exams go? Good except for math-a.

This is so hectic. I have my applications due for foreign universities. I am yet to pay fee for two entrance exams. I have joint entrance exam on April 2nd. From the mid May to the last week of May I have back to back entrance exams.

Amidst all this haze I find myself sometimes looking back and wishing to go back to the past. I dunno why but recently I have been having this overwhelming feeling of going back into the past and wanting to relive all those moments.

I have noticed that I was waiting for the moment to be perfect than making the moment perfect. Due this reason I have been feeling very unhappy. ‘Life’ seemed so not worth living. But I decided that I am not going to wait around until the moment is perfect rather make it perfect. ‘Why wait till I get into an Astronomy course to learn more about the universe?’ I decided that I am going to acquire more knowledge on the subject that I love the most so I enrolled into courses in Futurelearn and EdX. During the hunt for space related courses I found many more interesting courses like robotics, marine archeology, the lottery of birth(this a course where they discuss how where, when  and to whom you are born influence your life chances), literature and mental health and many more.

I have been getting panic attacks whenever I think about my future. I was waiting for the attacks to go away by themselves rather than taking an action about it. So I have been trying to calm myself down and found that by doing meditation I am able to reduce the panic attacks. I decided to go to meditation classes. As soon as I finish my exams on 19th March I am going to join meditation classes.

I also decided to learn computer programming. So I enrolled in online programming courses. I wanted to deepen my knowledge in Physics and by research I found that Feynman’s Lectures trilogy is good to start with.

I found that I was not spending much time with my family so whenever I am free I go on a walk with my mom, grandfather and grandmother. Honestly it is so much fun. And my grandfather is even more of a fun person. We have long chats about the universe, life and some random mundane things.

I selected few anime to watch during my free time and on top of the list is Death Note. I made a list of to read books also which has about 163+ books in it.

After 4 months of wallowing in self pity and almost convincing myself that I am good for nothing, I feel like my energy is returning back to me. The optimism that I had about life is returning back. I feel refreshed (especially after writing this post). It is nice when you take control of life rather than life taking control of you. And when you have things to look forward to life doesn’t seem bad at all.

This has been such a long post. I know I am just rambling things out but I had so much to share.

(I found that the title of the post is relevant only to the very first part but I am feeling too sleepy to think of another one.)