Can’t Stay Away..

I went on blogging hiatus exactly a week back and I can’t keep myself away from writing. So. Hey!! I am back after an unsuccessful attempt to keep away from my blog.

Exams are approaching and I am freaking out. I am finished with my physics and chemistry practicals.

How did they go Rav?

Good. But I messed up my physics viva, I answered only one because I had a mini panic attack. Chemistry practicals were GREAT. Though in the beginning I was going out of my mind and was scared because I accidentally threw salt on the front page of my answer sheet and created mess. I was complaining in my head as to how I always attract bad luck and no matter how much I try I am still going to be doomed. And then all of a sudden I had an enlightening moment. I did mess up my front page but hey nothing happened to my details on the front page which was very crucial since I won’t be getting another booklet, so luck may still be on my side. I promised myself I won’t get panicked this time and I didn’t, as a result my chemistry viva went extremely well.

I started a journal after getting lots of inspiration from JUST A BLANK SPACE.

Currently I am writing pre finals, day after tomorrow I have chemistry and I didn’t prepare anything. This reminds me a quote from Percy Jackson.




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I am a very productive, pizza addicted future hokage, a demigod still in search for my godly parent with an undying love for the cosmos.

14 thoughts on “Can’t Stay Away..”

    1. JEE, math was tough like I was counting on it and feels like maths ditched me..and the admission decisions for the foreign universities come in mid or late may. Fingers crossed I really hope I get into this.

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