Writer’s Block

*Originally posted on ‘And Then There Was Rav’*

It’s funny how I randomly come up with ideas during very bizarre moments but when I actually sit down and start to write I am totally confused. For example

While Rav is studying for physics miraculously creative Rav comes alive

Creative Rav: Hey Rav! How about we write a post on why we think the universe can be a humongous brain.

Rav: Oh my god! How ingenious of you! We should definitely do that but in a while, I have to complete this chapter.

While she is reading Looking for Alaska

Creative Rav: Hey I have this new idea where we will write about what the labyrinth that Alaska is talking about means.

Rav: Hell yeah we should totally do that but let me finish this chapter.

While she is getting worried on how she will pay her huge tuition fees if she gets an admission in a university

Creative Rav: Dude you gotta listen to this one. How about we write a post on what will the world be like without money.

Rav: Wow! That will be awesome but let me finish worrying.

While She is about to fall asleep

Creative Rav: Oh you are about to fall asleep let me share with you some amazing ideas that you will definitely forget tomorrow.

Rav: *Wakes up next day* Hey creative Rav I remember you telling me some ideas wha-what were they?

*no answer*

While having a shower

Creative Rav: Write about what life means, how you want to change the world, counterstereotypes, female astronomers, a poem on feminism (they were many more ideas but, yeah you guessed it right, I don’t them remember now)

Rav: Okay after I finish having a shower

While procrastinating

Creative Rav: How about-

Rav the procrastinator: fine, in a while.

So after I finish all my work and start to write about the idea I had that day *KA BOOM* Writer’s Block. It is so frustrating.

(Creative Rav: How about we make a post on how we can overcome writer’s block

Rav: Oh yeah! But after I finish this post.

Rav the procrastinator: Or maybe some other day)

But one day I am going to write posts on all these ideas.



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I am a very productive, pizza addicted future hokage, a demigod still in search for my godly parent with an undying love for the cosmos.

5 thoughts on “Writer’s Block”

  1. Oh, this sucks haha I know it happens to most of us. I don’t know about others but I’ve learned to get over myself and write the topic on a piece of paper – always got this lying around easily accessible (so lazy me doesn’t have an excuse ready xD). Add 1 minute and I can write at least some basic sentences to help me remember the idea later. If I have more time I can write some keywords etc Then I don’t end up feeling upset at myself and always have some ideas ready once I want to write^^

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    1. haha … before I used to write down only the title and later I would forget about the content… but these days I write down all that is in my head on that particular topic…at least i don’t have to break my head later thinking about what points I thought.

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  2. Oh this is so funny.Sometimes seriously there are so many sides of ourself provoking us to write and share with the world our great ideas.I also remeber once when my mind was not being silent then I eventually had to write on paper my topics on which I wished to write for that moment.I wish that day comes somn when I am actually able to wrie…not getting time.

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