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I failed, again.

Today morning around 3:30AM the university admission results were announced. And yeah, I was denied. It sucks to say that out loud. I was so dejected when I saw the word denied, bold on the screen. I knew there was a high chance of me getting denied because I messed up with my SAT real bad. But there was a small part of me that was thinking otherwise. Now that I think about it again the small part was actually the stronger part.

I started to cry and cried myself to sleep (a very bad mistake I realized, I am hella tired now). Morning I got up around 9 and I decided I had enough of moping around, feeling depressed, looking sick, walking with droopy shoulders, thinking life has all control over me and I just can’t do anything about it(which I have been doing for 3 months now). I had enough.

I am in charge of my life. I am not going to just randomly float around feeling powerless. I am going to apply to two other unis and concentrate on my board exams. Probably I will be taking a year off after I finish my 12th if I don’t get into the universities I like.

No matter what I am not giving up.



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I am a very productive, pizza addicted future hokage, a demigod still in search for my godly parent with an undying love for the cosmos.

4 thoughts on “Again”

  1. You can do whatever you want…you can retake the SATs…I didn’t take them, bc I was advised to take the ACTs instead. But I know that The SATs are brutal. Maybe fate is closing a door but opening a window?
    Trying to look on the bright side for you. 😊

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