2016- A Wrap

There are a lot of things that happened in 2016. Life changing decisions were made, chased dreams, laughed, cried, learnt lot of things about myself, faced failures, and never gave up.

2016 has been a wild ride. As we approach the end of this year I would like to contemplate my life this past year. There were moments that I want to go back and change. There were moments I want to go back and relive. But what is gone is gone. A new year is on its way bringing with it lot of hopes and expectations, happiness and sorrow, success and failure. A new year, a new beginning, a fresh start. Let us shape our future the way we want it.

For those who did’nt feel you had a great year, don’t worry this is just one chapter in the book of life. There will be ups and downs but don’t give up. Hold your head high and walk into 2017 because every new year is a year of endless possibilities, new opportunities,new lessons, new experiences and more importantly a new chance. So cheer up!

For those who thought this was a great year-CONGO! Dive into 2017 with the same enthusiasm.

And don’t forget to make a new year resolution!

My new year resolution is to learn from the past and not repeat the mistakes I have made this year. And live this new year in such a way so that I don’t have any regrets at the end of 2017

Happy New Year!


I Created A New Blog!


My day started out with my parents talking about me when I was still in my bed cocooned in my cozy blankets. I heard all what they spoke about me and let’s just say it wasn’t good. I decided that I am going to do something that they will be proud of. And that is how I came up with ways to help myself.

These days I have been wanting to talk with someone so badly, someone to lend me an ear so that I can share everything with them. But it never happened and I am feeling so stressful. Suddenly an idea struck me, YOU. I can share everything and anything with you.The next thing I know I deleted my old blog and starting a new one- a fresh start- maybe this will be helpful. And here I am writing to you in a hope that I will benefit from this. I actually kinda liked this blog than my old one, this one doesn’t seem like it is forced.

I will be writing to you regularly about the chronicles of this confused soul. The words never spoken are suffocating me and I fear what happens when I reach the point of no return.